Turn your
  1. assets
  2. Make scenario
  3. CSV file
  4. API
  5. Google Sheet
  6. Zapier
  7. MySQL database

into a micro-SaaS

The easy way to distribute and sell access to your data or software.
Plug your product and instantly let your users subscribe to it.

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I was skeptical about launching a software product without knowing how to code, but QuickAPI helped me get my no-code AI product from an MVP to a real, marketable product and get my business started.

Edouard Vaudour

Just plug your product,
*any* product.

Upload your CSV file, connect your database, or paste your API endpoint, and you're good to go.
We'll create a shareable link for your users to access your product, on your terms.


Manage users

Invite users right from your dashboard, manage their plans and credits effortessly.


Rate-limiting, IP blocks, DDOS are all taken care of without any work on your side.

Accept payments

Let your customers choose between recurring or one-off payments.
With our easy widget integration
Secured by Stripe.

Customer portal

Let your customers make request, manage their subscriptions all via a beautiful, simple hosted customer portal.

Usage dashboard

Know who is using your product and how much.

API key management

Automatically generate API keys for your users.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Quick API to sell & distribute my own API ?
Absolutely. This is the perfect fit. Just paste your bare API endpoint, we'll create a public dashboard so your users can jump in quickly. Don't spend anymore time rolling your own authentication, and billing system anymore
Can I use Quick API to sell & distribute my data (CSV) ?
Sure. You just need to drop your CSV file and QuickAPI will generate an API from it so your users can request the data on demand. You don't need to code anything, just upload your CSV file.
I don't know how to code. Can I still use QuickAPI ?
100%. QuickAPI is built just so you can sell software and data even though you are not a developper. If you know what is a request, you're basiclaly good to go. If not, feel free to reach out in the chat. We'll be happy to help.
What is the pricing ?
As we're in private beta, we're still figuring out the pricing model of QuickAPI. Feel free to reach out in the chat to discuss your needs. We'll be happy to help.

If you made it, you can sell it

We believe builders create a lot of value but miss out on letting others and themselves profit of it.
Because building a business doesn't have to be that hard.