Convert your csv data into api product.

We handle everything hosting, API automation, payment integration, webpage optimised with SEO, & more. You just connect your data source and sell to your customers.

Data Ownership

You will have full access & ownership to your data into your MongoDB server.

No Code

You don't have to learn backend coding to setup your APIs endpoints.

Optimized SEO Page

Simple & Single page for your customers to browse.


Add required plugins to your page like Crisp, Intercom, Google Analytics, & more.


With stripe integration you can easily charge your customers.

Custom Domain

You can allow your form submission for partical domains.

Spin the dedicated server
In one click you can sping your own dedicated server for your project in diffrent countries.

Sping the server
Upload CSV datasets
Upload your data as CSV format & deploy into database in one click.

Sping the server
Setup Endpoint
Config api endpoint with your data source, which you want to sell.

Sping the server
Your API product is ready to launch. Watch demo video about how this work in action.

Get started now

You can launch your api product in less than 5 minutes.